Charges Dropped Against Man Accused Of Beheading Threats In OKC

Wednesday, December 17th 2014, 11:30 pm
By: News 9

Just days before the workplace murders at Vaughan Foods in Moore, Jacob Muriithi's co-worker accused Muriithi of threatening to behead her.

An accusation, authorities did not take lightly.

"We take these threats very seriously. We can't screw around with these threats anymore, every threat like this is serious to us," said David Prater, Oklahoma County District Attorney.

For over a month, Jacob Muriithi sat in jail as he awaited felony charges for a Terrorism Hoax.

According to the original arrest warrant, in late September the alleged victim told police, a co-worker at Bellevue Nursing Home, Muriithi, told her he was "Muslim and he represented ISIS."

Then the victim alleged Muriithi told her he "was going to cut her head off" then "put it on Facebook."

But after a nearly three-month investigation those charges have been dismissed.

"There is no information this guy is on any watch list or has been identified as being a part of any terrorist group," said Prater.

Another critical factor about the alleged victim herself, Monique Garrett, is at the time of the allegations she had a warrant out for her arrest. Garrett is currently facing charges on stealing oxycodone from patients in 2012.

In Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater's eyes, Garrett's credibility is gone.

We tried speaking with Muriithi at his home. But his attorney has spoken with Prater, and Muriithi admits those comments were a terrible joke.

"Those aren't things you should even joke about and he certainly paid the price, we had to lock this guy down to make sure we didn't have a credible threat," said Prater.

Lesson learned for anyone with the same sense of humor.

"My job is to protect the public and that's exactly what I did," said Prater.

News 9 also spoke with the management at Bellevue Nursing Home, and they do not wish to comment on either of the individuals involved.