Oklahoma DHS Worker Adopts Special Needs Siblings

Thursday, December 18th 2014, 6:19 pm
By: News 9

Susan Oliver is practically superwoman. She has a full-time job during the day for the Department of Human Services and caring for kids doesn't stop when she's off the clock.

Oliver and her husband have seven children.

“We are a big family of boys. We come together for a total of six boys and one girl,” she said.

Oliver works as a nurse for DHS providing medical care for kids in emergency shelter custody. That was where she met Aiden and Zane. They were both born premature and have extraordinary medical needs. Their biological parents couldn't care for them.

They were having trouble finding a foster family and faced care in a facility and not a home. But what scared foster families didn't scare Susan and her husband. They both work in medicine.

“They needed a mom and dad. And we wanted them to have a mom and dad,” Oliver explained.

And despite having a house full of their own kids, they became Aiden and Zane's forever family.

“So I get to be mom and nurse,” she said.

Oliver gets to be mom and nurse to the five and six-year-old because that's what she and her husband said they were called to do.

“It's amazing to see the amount of people that have come forward and think that we have been the blessing to them. And in reality, they have been a blessing to our family. They're amazing and we could not have ever imagined them not being a part of our life,” Oliver said.

Oliver said the two boys are still able to know and see their biological parents.