Plans For New High-Rise In Downtown OKC Raise Concerns

Friday, December 19th 2014, 12:00 pm
By: News 9

Plans for a new high-rise building downtown may be running into a road block. Oklahoma City's skyline is growing and changing, but it's what to do with the older buildings that's up for debate.

A new 27-story high rise is planned to go up across the street from the new Devon Energy Tower and the Myriad Gardens. The architect said it'll include two parking garages, retail space, a fitness center, restaurant and plenty of office space.

But before it's approved by the Downtown Design Review Committee, there may have to be some changes.

According to the Journal Record, that Committee told the architect the plan to tear down four existing buildings from the area is a concern.

There's also concern there will be too many parking garages in the area if two more are added on.

Others said they'd like to see more space for retail and restaurants in the building.

The architect said he'll carefully consider all these comments and he'll have revised plans ready for a final vote sometime next year.