OKC Police Use Firefighting Technology To Catch Suspect

Friday, December 19th 2014, 5:55 pm
By: News 9

Police and firefighters respond to emergency calls together daily. But just after midnight Thursday, they teamed up to find a suspect on the run. They did so using a thermal imaging camera typically used to fight fires.

Despite it being dark and foggy, the suspect was found in seconds.

A homeowner living near in S.E. Oklahoma City became uneasy when Daniel Stout and another guy were hanging out on their driveway.

When cops showed up, Stout took off. Cops quickly caught the other guy, Cody Longstreet. Finding just over 14 grams of meth and close to $1,000 on him.

But Stout didn't stay hidden long.

“Fire personnel were very helpful. They offered the device to the officer who gave them a very quick and short tutorial on what to do and how to use it,” said Sgt. Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department.

“Officer went out they had this camera and I understand they were able to see the legs from around a tree,” said Battalion Chief Brian Stanaland, Oklahoma City.

Police arrested Stout for public intoxication.

This wasn't the first time the two department have paired up to use this technology, which is normally used to see hot spots and fire victims.

Earlier this month, the same camera helped police to find Michael Mayfield stuck in a wall after he allegedly burglarized several stores.

“I can see more officers requesting this specialized type of equipment in the future,” said Battalion Chief Stanaland

Air One, Oklahoma City's police helicopter is also equipped with a thermal imaging camera, but it was unable to fly Thursday morning due to the weather.