Police Search For Metro Man Charged With Stalking

Tuesday, December 23rd 2014, 5:15 pm
By: News 9

A metro man has been charged with stalking and making threatening phone calls to his former co-workers. He allegedly made several phone calls in just minutes, each time leaving a voicemail saying he was going to kill the two victims.

Authorities hope to put this man behind bars at the county jail, because those threatening phone calls are just the most recent interactions the suspect has had with the victims.

Police were called to an Edmond home where both residents told police they are scared for their lives; all because of Mark Tribble, who is charged with stalking and two counts of making threatening phone calls.

"You can't make phone calls and just make threats. It's no different than standing face to face," said Officer James Hamm, with Edmond Police.

According to police reports, Tribble is a former friend and co-worker, who started calling the couple around 6:30 p.m. Then he kept calling them every five minutes, each time leaving a voicemail, making threats such as, "Don't go to sleep,” "I swore to God I'm gonna' come for you,” and "I'm gonna' die anyway and I'm gonna take you with me."

But Tribble hasn't just called the home, he's been there. In November Tribble was charged with assaulting the female victim. Reports state Tribble struck her in the jaw and chest and he also bit her on the back of her foot.

"We don't want this to continue on, we don't want it to escalate into another physical attack on either one of these victims," said Hamm.

The police report also states the victims believe Tribble is currently homeless and may be seen around Edmond riding a black bicycle.