Community Rallies Around El Reno Counselor Diagnosed With Heart Failure

Thursday, December 25th 2014, 7:03 pm
By: News 9

Six months ago News 9 brought you a story about a woman who gained the support of nearly the entire community of El Reno.

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She's been in the hospital for over 60 days straight. On this Christmas, we have an update that was never guaranteed.

"It's so hard and it's so awkward because normally I'm on the other end," said El Reno counselor Kara Watts in July.

When we first met counselor Kara Watts in July, uncertainty couldn't be cured. She was uncertain if she'd ever leave the hospital and uncertain if she'd ever receive a new heart. One that's desperately needed with stage four heart failure.

But that uncertainty wasn't to be outweighed by her three children.

"I didn't want them to have memories of just their mom in bed but I don't want them to not have any memories," said Watts recently.

So after six months in the hospital with a village of support, certainty returned November 7.

"I was given a heart, I don't know the back story yet, I don't know the person," said Watts.

What Kara does know it's a good one. Before she was functioning at roughly 7 percent and since the transplant she's at nearly 80 percent.

"As far as the heart goes and health goes it's a whole different world," said Watts.

Since the procedure, she became certain she wants to be home Christmas morning.

"It's different to be home when my kids are this young for Santa," said Watts.

And like it was written for the season Kara walked out of the hospital just two days before the holiday. Back to a home and community that held countless fundraisers for her, including a lemonade stand that raised over $1,200.

"I can say thank you all day long but I've never been more proud of my community," said Watts.

Pride that makes her even more certain she wants to be there to stay.

"It's a new year and I'm just ready to be mom go back to work next year and be able to pay it forward for sure," said Watts.

Kara did go home with a walker and a wheel chair which she will need to use until she is back to full strength.