Animal Control Warns Outdoor Enthusiasts Of OKC's Stray Dog Problem

Monday, December 29th 2014, 9:44 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City's stray dog problem has animal control officials urging caution to those who use area fitness trails. 

The 13-mile-long Oklahoma River Trail System is becoming especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Oklahoma City Animal Control Supervisor Trace Lyons said because that trail sometimes ventures through relatively remote areas, folks who use the trail should also carry a small can of pepper spray or mace. 

He said if you come across an aggressive dog or pack of dogs, don't be afraid to use it. “Stand your ground don't move. Once you start trying to run off and get scared, they will pick up on all your traits, and the old adage they can smell fear that's very true. Once you run off, they will chase you,” he said. 

Lyons also said one way to stave off attack is to not make eye contact with an approaching or threatening dog.