Police Searching For Suspect In SE OKC Shooting

Thursday, January 1st 2015, 10:33 pm
By: News 9

A woman is found shot inside a home near I-240 and Sooner Road.

She's in critical condition at a local hospital, and Oklahoma City police are questioning witnesses as they search for the shooter.

Police say the woman was shot by someone on the outside of the home on John Robert Drive.

There were several people inside at the time and witnesses say they saw two teenage boys, or possibly men in their early 20's run out of the home, shirtless, with machetes in hand apparently chasing after the shooter.

“About 2:15pm I had my window open, I was working in my office and I heard a succession of about maybe 8 to 10 small caliber rounds go off.” said a neighbor.

“I was just sitting there at my aunt's house. I had just made a cup of coffee and sat down, and I was like, it sounds like firecrackers,” said another neighbor.

Neighbors who did not want to show their faces say a peaceful start to the New Year quickly ended in a neighborhood they say is not accustomed to violent crime.

“I ran outside to go see what it was and I saw these two guys run out in the street in their underwear carrying what looked to be machetes,” said a neighbor. “They were screaming at whomever, but the car had already gone.”

“It's unclear whether it was domestic or whether it is related to anything else right now,” said Lt. Jeff Lathan, Oklahoma City Police.

Police say the woman was found shot in a bedroom.

A neighbor told News 9 this isn't the first incident at the home. About a week ago, she says she heard a series of gunshots come from the house.

“For it to happen two times back to back in less than a week, it's kind of scary,” said a neighbor.

“We're in the process of the investigation now following any leads that any witnesses might have. We're interviewing witnesses and surrounding neighbors,” said Lt. Lathan.

At least one person was taken in for questioning, another taken away in handcuffs, although police have not confirmed an arrest at this point.

“My aunt's been living here for almost 12 years, and this is not that type of neighborhood,” said a neighbor.

Police say the white two door car they're looking for is missing a front bumper but they don't have a good description.

If you have any information, call police.

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