Drugs Found In Surprising Place During Search In Grady County

Friday, January 2nd 2015, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

You could call it a bizarre bust. Law enforcement in Grady County made a surprising find while searching a suspect. The suspect was taken into custody for not having a license, but once he was booked into jail, a lot more was discovered.

It was New Year's Eve and the police officer was headed south on Highway 81 and caught a truck with an expired tag. He pulled over the driver, but that driver did not have a valid license in his back pocket. He had something else in his pants.

“It was discovered that he had marijuana tucked away in his private area,” Chickasha Police Department MSgt. Traye Alexander said.

The officer had already dropped Eddie Hill off at the jail but was called back after the jail staff did a more thorough search. According to the police report "the package was wrapped around Eddie's testicles." The jail worker "requested Eddie hand him the package, and Eddie told him that he couldn't have another charge and began to swallow the contents" after they had been you know where.

“He was in the process of trying to destroy the marijuana by ingesting the marijuana,” Alexander continued, “orally ingest the marijuana.”

However, he did not get it all down, and the jail staff was able to recover bits and pieces of marijuana inside along with a cigar package.

“Once you're arrested and once you're handcuffed, you still can maneuver some,” Alexander said. “So it's unknown if the driver actually hid the marijuana before he was arrested or actually after he was arrested in the backseat of the patrol car.”

Hill could be seen moving around once he was in the back of the police car, but he probably did all that packing before he was taken into custody.

“More than likely it was when he had his full mobility inside of his own vehicle knowing possibly that he was going to be arrested,” Alexander said.

Authorities said Hill is now facing several charges including bringing contraband into a jail, which is a felony.