Man Arrested For Taking OKC Boy Was Previously Jailed For Kidnapping

Monday, January 5th 2015, 6:23 pm
By: News 9

Authorities said George Timothy White, 56, is being held in the Oklahoma County Jail on a $100,000 bond. And it was not his first time to be jailed for kidnapping.

News 9 checked the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website and discovered White was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping and beating an ex-girlfriend back in 2008.

He also spent time in prison for assault and battery in 1989.

This was news that frightened the mother of 4-year-old Quinton Thompson, the little boy White took from his own home early Sunday morning.

“He answered the door and says the guy took him,” said Stefannie Thompson, Quinton's mother. “The guy grabbed his tablet, got his shoes on, got him a jacket. He was in pajamas!”

Thompson said she left her son Quinton at home with her mother while she went out with some friends.

She was horrified her son not only opened the door to a total stranger, but one that turned out to be a convicted felon.

“I keep on asking him, ‘Did they do anything to you? Did they hit you? Did they hurt you?' He tells me no,” said Thompson, Monday at her home. “I don't have him around bad people so he thinks everybody's good!”

According to court records, White told police he came to the house on SE 10th Street looking for a woman named Molly, who Stefannie admitted used to live there.

“She used to live there and is the next door neighbor's granddaughter and daughter,” said Thompson. “The mother and grandmother live next door!”

White admitted to Oklahoma City police that he took little Quinton to a friend's apartment in Del City located near SE 29th Street and Vickie Drive, instead of checking around for any adults.

White said he kept the child with him for six hours before dropping him off at a nearby convenience store.

Police released a surveillance picture from the store, which then led to an anonymous tip.

That ultimately helped police locate, question, and arrest White for kidnapping.

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Stefannie said she is just glad her son is safe and that White is behind bars.

“I'm very glad,” said Thompson. “And I hope he gets whatever he deserves because nobody should take a child!”

Thompson said she is taking precautions now and teaching her children never to open the door to strangers again.

“I mean you would think your house would be the safest place for your kid to be rather than to leave them with a friend or anything else,” said Thompson. “But apparently now nothing is safe!”

As of Monday evening, White had yet to be formally charged.

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According to court records, White said he attempted to bring Quinton back home, but when he saw police, he dropped him off at the store to try to avoid arrest.