Metro Man Warns Of Fake IRS Collectors Scam

Saturday, January 10th 2015, 6:10 pm
By: News 9

Tax season will be here before we know it and with it comes scammers.

One metro man has already fallen victim to fake IRS collectors and now he said he's out thousands of dollars.

The man was not the first victim and he most certainly will not be the last.

And while he may be out thousands of dollars, he said he hopes others won't deposit their money into the wrong hands.

"Just kept telling me I am with the IRS, I am with the IRS every time I tried to ask them something," said John.

Intimidation and worry was what made John a victim.

"It just freaked me out because I've never been in trouble with the IRS, everybody always says don't mess with the IRS, it scared me so I was doing what I thought I needed to do," said John.

John wanted his identity hidden, but not his story.

Tuesday he received a phone call from people claiming to be with the IRS and said if he didn't immediately pay his thousands of dollars in backed taxes, he would be arrested.

They even went as far as providing John with names and badge numbers.

They demanded John withdraw cash and go to the nearest CVS Pharmacy and put his cash on pre-paid cards.

He did that on eight different cards, totaling nearly $4,000.

And once the callers confirmed they received his payments, they demanded even more money and that's when John knew it was a scam.

Within a matter of just two and a half hours, his $4,000 was gone.

"It hurts. I mean I have a family that I have to provide for. That's money that you know could have gone a long way," said John.

Online the IRS stated what it will not do if you have backed taxes:

  1. Call to demand immediate payment without letting you appeal the amount.
  2. Require you to use a specific payment method such as a prepaid debit card.
  3. Threaten to bring in law-enforcement to have you arrested.

Those were all of the things John fell victim to.

"It's like a knife being put in your heart,” said John.

News 9 attempted to call both phone numbers John provided and to not much surprise, both numbers were disconnected.

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