Criminals Use Skimmers To Steal Credit Card Information At Edmond Gas Stations

Monday, January 26th 2015, 10:33 pm
By: News 9

If you've purchased gas in Edmond lately, authorities said you may want to check your bank statements. As News 9 has reported, a skimming device was found on gas pumps in Moore, and Edmond police said they are also finding them. Edmond police said they've received about three reports, and two of them were from people who noticed fraudulent charges on their bank statements. 

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You drive up. You swipe. You pump your gas. It's pretty easy and convenient. Now with about that same ease thieves have been stealing credit card information with a device called a skimmer, and they attached it to the pump.

“The person who is doing this maybe has figured out how to get into their faceplate, the card reader of these pumps and be able to put the skimmer in that way,” Edmond Police Spokesperson Jenny Monroe said.

So far they've targeted three Circle K stores in Edmond at 1500 S. Broadway, 901 W. 15th Street and 2216 Edmond Road.

“They're inside the card reader. What they're doing is opening up that faceplate of the pump and putting the skimmer inside,” Monroe said. “They can come in and actually physically remove that skimmer and download the information that way, or there are some skimmers out there that they can Bluetooth that information back to their phone or a laptop just from being in the vicinity.”

It's scary, but police said using pumps that are visible from the inside of the store could help.

“Some of the consistent things we're seeing in this investigation is these skimmers are placed on pumps that were out of the line of sight of the clerk,” Monroe said.

If you have purchased gasoline from one of the above listed gas stations, authorities said to be sure to keep an eye out for charges that are not yours. The more help police have, the more likely they are to catch someone.