Red Dirt Diaries: Father And Son BBQ Stand, Award Winning Cooking

Friday, August 7th 2015, 6:11 pm
By: Karl Torp

Along Route 66 in Wellston, barbecue traditions have been passed from father to son. Slow-cooked concoctions are being served to the public after already passing the bar with competition judges.

“We bring a lot of people together here, it’s awesome,” said Levi Bouska. “We turn non rib eaters into rib eater around here quick.”

Levi Bouska opened the Butcher BBQ stand in May.

“When someone eats my barbeque and their like ‘That’s the best barbeque of my life’, that’s what I get out of it,” said Levi.

Brisket, ribs, and apple pie barbeque beans are already favorites.

Barbeque is a science. A science that Levi’s dad has experimented with since 2006 when a back injury ended a serious archery hobby. His competitive juices were flowing.

“I had to win, win at something,” said David.

After trading bullseyes for brisket, David, who just retired as a butcher, was on the mark with his barbeque.

Everybody believes their barbeque is the best. As well as judges! David’s won national titles, world championships, and both got the attentions of the TV show “Barbeque Pitmasters”.

“There’s only two people who know what we are using and it’s me and Levi,” said David. “I can tell you what we do and you are still not going to be able to do what we do.”

While Levi tends to the smoker his dad admits, “I’m probably the best cashier they got.”

He isn't as hands on unless no one is guarding the stand's only dessert.

“What’s a Twinkie, it’s a kid food and that’s what we are.”

There's nothing juvenile though about what The Butcher Barbeque Stand is trying to become.

It’s somewhere you can come out and enjoy with the family. And it’s where the only rush is getting to the front of the line before closing time, when all the getting is gone.