Elderly Woman Tries To Help 'Grandson,' Loses Thousands Of Dollars

Wednesday, September 23rd 2015, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

Ripped off to the tune of thousands of dollars, a metro grandmother falls victim to a scam.

Now, her daughter wants the scammers caught before they pull this on someone else.

It started with a phone call and ended thousands of dollars later after someone learned this woman's phone number and her grandson's name. The family is embarrassed the incident happened and asked News 9 to not not reveal their identities.

“I got a phone call from my mom, and she was hysterical,” the woman’s daughter said.

The nearly 80-year-old thought her grandson had an accident while driving drunk after she got a phone call from someone impersonating him.

“She said it was an Oscar-winning performance,” she said. “The person who was impersonating him was so convincing and so distraught in his story line.”

A man called the woman and claimed to be her grandson. He told her he was in jail after hitting a light pole. He claimed officers found marijuana inside his vehicle, and he needed money to get out of trouble.

“To pay a bail bondsman, to pay the attorney and to pay for a light pole,” the woman’s daughter said.

During a three-day period, the woman talked to three different people who were all impersonating either her grandson, an attorney or a bail bondsman.

“It gives me chill bumps to think about it, because they worked her over for three days sending her all over town,” she said.

The woman wired money from various places thinking she was helping her 19-year-old grandson.

“She was transferring the money through a money order from her banking system to whatever account that they had set up,” the woman’s daughter said.

She sent $15,000 total.

“It p***** me off,” she said. “It absolutely p***** me off.”

This family filed a report with Oklahoma City police, and investigators told them this isn't this first time this scam has happened. So far, no arrests have been made.