Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty Against Bethany Man Accused In Toddler's Death

Thursday, September 24th 2015, 7:49 pm
By: News 9

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a man accused of killing a 2-year-old child.

Dustin Davison was arrested back on May 18 after he called 911 saying the child was unresponsive.

News 9 talked with child's uncle Thursday afternoon by phone.

Mike Sepe says he thinks Dustin Davison should rot in prison for the rest of his life for what he's accused of doing to this little boy. But Sepe says the rest of the family is in favor of the death penalty.

Court papers reveal Dustin Davison had been babysitting 2-year-old Kreedin Brooks while the son’s mother, who was his girlfriend at the time, was away from their apartment.

“He was an innocent little child you know,” said Sepe during an on camera interview back on July 24. “I mean innocent little child, at two years what could you do? There's no way any child any child would deserve something like that.”

Court papers state Kreedin was covered in bruises and had blood coming from his nose and mouth. He also suffered blunt force trauma to his head.

When paramedics arrived at the Bryan Hill apartment complex near NW 36th and Meridian back on May 18, they hoped they could save the child. But they could not.

Davison's call to 911 ended up implicating him in the child's death.

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According to court papers, Davidson originally told Bethany police officers that he was in the shower for 15 minutes prior to finding the victim lying unresponsive and unconscious on the living room floor. Davison stated he attempted to administer CPR to the victim. He explained how the victim was in his terrible two’s and liked to climb things. When asked, Davison stated he did not see the incident occur.

While at the police department, Davison told investigators the same story as he told responding officers, however, he added the victim fell and hit his head on the coffee table. Once confronted with the evidence that did not match his recollection of the events of the incident, Davison admitted to playing rough with the victim. He admitted to getting into a pillow fight with the child and hitting him with a pillow, which caused the child to fall off the couch and slam his head into the coffee table. Davison stated the victim hit the table very hard.

According to medical personnel at the hospital, the victim sustained a fractured skull and had swelling and bleeding of the brain. The victim also had other previous injuries to the head due to older bruising and the injuries were consistent with abuse. Recent bruising also led investigators to believe the victim sustained multiple hits to the head.

Davison reportedly told investigators the victim caused the recent bruises and head trauma by playing slip and slide in the bathroom tub and claimed the bruises were self - inflicted.

Court papers state police also found marijuana in the living room on the coffee table.

News 9 obtained an excerpt of the 911 call Davison made back on May 18.

Davison is heard saying:

“I was in the shower and next thing I know I come out and there's blood on the left side of his head - and also his forehead is severely bruised. and I think the internal bleeding from the skull went into the lungs…I tried patting his back as many times as I could to get all of the blood out but I'm just holding him right now hoping that he will make it through this.”

In the bill of particulars filed Wednesday, prosecutors stated they are seeking the death penalty because the murder was especially heinous and they feel Davison would be a threat to society.

Now, Kreedin's uncle Mike just waits for Davison's day in court. A court date is yet to be set.

“Any grown person that abuses a child isn't worth nothing in my eyes,” said Sepe.

Sepe’s mission now is to help raise money and awareness for child abuse victims.