Charles Haskell Elementary Begins Action Based Learning

Wednesday, October 14th 2015, 9:42 am
By: News 9

Remember the days where you were told to sit still and listen up in class?

Research shows we may actually learn better and remember more if we got to move around while in class.

It looks like a gym or even a playground, but at Charles Haskell Elementary. It’s a classroom.

Each student visits the Action Based Learning lab twice a week.

Brain scans show just 20 minutes of any type of movement increases blood flow to the brain, improving how much students remember. It’s also known as active play.

“At the same time they’re receiving instruction whether that’s math flash cards and spelling words. And that make that information more meaningful to them,” said Occupational Therapist Doni Albright.

The equipment cost the school $18,000 out of its activity fund. Schools for Healthy Lifestyles donated another $15,000 worth of equipment to a second lab.

Charles Haskell Elementary is the first school in the Edmond Public School District to have an action based learning center. Now if you don’t have one in your own school you can make one at your own home. You can use a jump rope or a yoga ball while doing your homework.

“They’re excited, more excited to sit down and do a pedal desk as they’re doing addition and subtraction or multiplication with my older ones. They’re more excited to do the work that’s being asked,” said Physical Education Teacher Laurin Fain.

So what kind of effect will this have on test scores?

That remains to be seen since the lab has only been open about a week. But if the excitement for learning is any indication, the hope is those test scores will be a "step" above the rest.