Drunk Elvis Impersonator Arrested After Odd Altercation At OKC Bar

Friday, October 16th 2015, 1:29 pm
By: News 9

It wasn't the finest showing for the “King of Rock and Roll”. And it certainly wasn’t what police were expecting on a routine call for a drunken disturbance at a northwest Oklahoma City bar, early Tuesday morning.

Police were called out to the Route 66 Roadhouse just after midnight on Tuesday. A bartender told the officer a man, identified as 61-year-old Bobby Eldredge, had come in and started drinking. After a while, the bartender said Eldredge started “saying weird things” and at one point began fondling himself through his clothes.

When the officer located Eldredge he noticed his getup; a full Elvis costume complete with black wig and sunglasses. When approached the officer noted a strong odor of alcohol coming from Eldredge, that he had red watery eyes and extremely slurred speech.

The officer tried to speak with Eldredge, but said that he rambled on and did not make any sense. Eldredge reportedly asked the officer if he was “happy with his paycheck” and wondered if “his mother taught him how to smile”, all the while singing Elvis songs in between his random questioning.

The officer placed Eldredge under arrest and put him in the back of his squad car, but the strangeness didn’t end there. While being transported for Public Intoxication, the officer reported that Eldredge’s ramblings grew more vulgar. Eldredge reportedly made mention of the officer’s nipples and genitalia, and even threatened to hurt him.

Because of his change in tone, the officer felt that Eldredge could not stay in detox without causing more problems. So he was instead booked into the Oklahoma County Jail without incident.