We Paid For It: Mileage Reimbursement

Saturday, October 17th 2015, 8:29 am
By: News 9

State Employees are taking advantage of Oklahoma's mileage reimbursement plan, collecting reimbursement per mile at the maximum federal rate.

News 9 tracked down the numbers for the last ten years, and found that taxpayers are paying out millions in travel costs.

In 2005, state employees were collecting about 41 cents per mile for fuel. That number jumped eight cents by the end of that year.

That means in 2005 taxpayers paid out more than $22 million in travel costs for state employees.

In 2006 it jumped to more than $24 million, and in 2007 it was more than $25 million. Travel ballooned in 2008.

State employees claimed mileage reimbursement on more than 51 million miles that year, costing taxpayers more than $28 million.

After 2009, it seems state employees cut down on the amount of travel claims.

This year, tax payers are paying nearly 58 cents per mile, costing more than $15 million so far.

The question remains is it necessary for mileage reimbursements to be based on the average gas price nationally?

Because right now, that's what we pay for!