Stillwater Police Hold Second Q&A Session Regarding Homecoming Tragedy

Tuesday, October 27th 2015, 4:16 pm
By: News 9

Stillwater Police again answered questions from the media on Tuesday concerning more details about the OSU Homecoming Tragedy.

During today’s Q&A session with the media, officials answered questions regarding vehicle data recorders or black boxes, the toxicology process, and witness interviews.

The following is the transcribed questions and answers:


Q1a: Did Chambers’ car have a black box inside?

A1a: Yes.  The black box you refer to is a Crash Data Recorder.


Q1b: If yes, does that help in the investigation? In what way?

A1b: Crash Data Recorders (CDR) from various manufacturers capture differing information.  In general, a CDR captures information like speed, braking, etc.  That data can be very helpful in a reconstruction investigation.


Q2: How many witnesses are investigators interviewing?

A2: As of this morning our list of potential witness list exceeded 100 persons.


Q3: How long does it normally take for the results from the toxicology report to come back?

A3: Toxicology test times vary based on the OSBI lab workload and a number of priority factors.  I cannot state a “normal” time frame with any accuracy.  To do so, could place an unrealistic expectation on the OSBI lab.  I will say that we often work closely with the OSBI on cases and they are very responsive to the needs of our investigators and prosecutors in delivering needed test results for court proceedings.


Q4: I heard there was a possibility of a fifth victim might not survive. I'm wondering who that person is, and I'm also seeking condition updates on the following.

A4:  There have been no other deaths related to this incident. 

We are not providing nor are we seeking frequent condition updates.  The hospitals treating our victims as well as their families have been inundated and, in fact burdened, with calls regarding condition updates.  As much as we are concerned on a very personal level regarding our friends and neighbors conditions as they recover we are intentionally avoiding asking for updates so that we do not add to the burden.


Q5: Could you please confirm when the blood test was administered on Ms. Chambers?

A5: A blood test was administered to Ms. Chambers shortly after her arrest as prescribed by State Statute (47 O.S. 1-104)