Stillwater PD Releases OSU Homecoming Crash 911 Calls

Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

Chaos, confusion and fear. Four people were killed and dozens were injured.

Stillwater police released the 911 calls and first responder radio traffic made during that homecoming crash.

Police gave News 9 nearly 45 minutes of radio traffic.

The dozens of first responders, medical chopper pilots and 911 dispatchers, all speaking with obvious stress and urgency as they realized the severity of the situation.

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Calls quickly flooded 911 dispatch seconds after police said Adacia Chambers drove through a police barricade and into the crowd watching the OSU homecoming parade.

Recordings of panicked callers witnessing the crash run together.

But, by this time, dispatchers were well aware of the crash.

Dispatcher: Stillwater 911.

911 caller: At the OSU parade, a car just hit. Just came careening off the road and came crashing into a lot of people.

Dispatch: Ma'am, we're on our way. We're on our way.

Firefighters and police raced to the intersection of Main and Hall of Fame.

First responder: Signal 82 (injury accident). Main and Hall of Fame. We need everything we can get up here, central. We have multiple, 10 or 12, injuries. We have a lot more injured.

First responders quickly set up triage in the middle of the street to treat the dozens of injured victims.

Meanwhile, Stillwater police had Chambers in custody. At the time, officers suspected she was driving under the influence.

"They say she was under the influence. Can we go ahead and 10-15 (transport) her to jail or would you like to talk to her here on the scene?" a Stillwater police officer asked.

Officers took Chambers to the hospital for a blood draw before she was booked into Stillwater jail.

Inside the jail, Chambers sat still in her work uniform and blood-stained jeans waiting to be processed. She said very little, only answering the officers questions before changing into an orange jump suit and going into her holding cell.

Chambers was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder and assault.

Her next court date is Monday and both attorneys are asking for a competency hearing.

A ten-page psychological evaluation on Chambers states she shows "severe signs of mental illness".

During the exam, Chambers reportedly said she was "talking to Jesus"  and suggested the psychologist was Jesus.

Click here to view the application for determination of competency.