Sen. Lankford: Islamic Terror, Cyber Threats, Drug Trafficking Biggest Threats to US

Saturday, November 7th 2015, 5:45 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Hoping to send a clear message, U.S. Sen. James Lankford laid out what he sees as the biggest threats to the United States in an interview Friday.

He had three threats that topped his list; ISIS, cyber security and drug trafficking. 

His top threat is ISIS and other radical terror groups that he says pose a threat worldwide.

“Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, all these different groups that are connected,” he said. “They are a form of radical Sunni Islam, that they are intent on remaking the world government.” 

Lankford opposes the President's recent order to send special operation forces into Syria.

The group of around 50 soldiers is under orders to assist in the Middle Eastern country.

Lankford said it wasn't enough of a response. He said he thought the president waited too long to act and was leaving too much room for other countries to step in.

“We do not need Russia as being the lead voice in the Middle East. That destabilizes the region. It does have an economic effect on us and it does cause major international conflict in the years ahead,” he said. 

As a member of the Senate homeland security and intelligence committees, Lankford said there are very real virtual threats calling the growing issue cyber security a top priority. Lankford also made cyber security a campaign issue while running for his seat in 2014, calling it the largest threat to national security.

But it was his final issue he said hits closer to home. That issue is the trafficking of drugs through the United States southern border which has caused and eruption of cartel and gang violence in Latin America.

“We're getting a much more rapid flow and a much more pure version of cocaine and heroin and marijuana coming in from Mexico and central America and it has a devastating effect on our economy and on our families and lives as well as gang violence,” he said. 

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