Driver Rams, Ruins Newcastle Neighborhood Gate

Saturday, November 7th 2015, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

Neighbors in a Newcastle housing addition were on guard Saturday after their gate was ruined by a driver earlier in the week.

“We have extra patrols. We are making sure neighborhood watch is up and going and just being extra cautious about who is coming and going in and out of our neighborhood,” said Bradford Place Homeowners Association treasurer Lindsay Justice.

Thursday afternoon, a Nissan pickup pulled in behind someone who had entry access to the Bradford Place. But it was what happened on the way out that is mind boggling.

Instead of waiting on the exit gate to open - which takes seconds - it appeared his patience was paper thin. He tried to beat the entry gate before it closed and instead crashed into it, bending the steel and rattling the entire structure.

“Took it completely off the hinges and did major damage to his car and major damage to our fence and the motor that runs the fence,” Justice said.

And without any hesitation, the driver threw it into reverse, pulled into the exit lane and left the scene.

“It was very quickly that he wanted to get out of here,” said HOA president Lynell Fisbeck Treasurer.

Fluids from his crash were left on the pavement, plus a repair bill for residents that could top $3,000. Not to mention, making off with their extra sense of security.

“We have noticed a definite decrease in any sort of problem after our gate went in it really has helped the neighborhood,” Justice said.

In the 14 minutes the pickup was inside Bradford Place, there were no other reports of trouble. But they just want the person who made the reckless exit to do the right thing and come forward.

“He needs to be accountable for what he did,” Fisbeck said.

After this incident, the HOA plans to add even more cameras to their entryway.

If you recognized that pickup, call Newcastle police at (405) 387-5525.