Beware Of Smart-Chip Credit Card Scams

Monday, November 9th 2015, 9:43 am
By: News 9

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, there is a new way people are stealing your personal information, and you might just fall for this scam.

They're supposed to stop scammers from swiping your information. But the smart-chip enabled credit and debit cards are the bait in a new scam.

Millions of Americans expect new chip-enabled cards to show up in their mailbox. Scammers are targeting people using e-mail. They can send you a link claiming to be from your credit card company, and that's how they lure you in.

"So you click on the link, it takes you to a website and now we are entering in your personal data to verify the information. But what you're actually doing is willingly handing over your data to someone else," Finance Expert Heather Wagenhals said.

This scam has caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC.) The organization said you should just bank on the fact your card issuer will not email or call you for information.

If you do fall victim to this scam, call your credit card company or bank immediately and file police report as well as a complaint with the FTC.