Piedmont School Board Decides Not To Reinstate HS Softball Coach

Monday, November 9th 2015, 11:59 pm
By: News 9

A longtime softball coach said he was forced to quit.

He later revoked that resignation and is now fighting for his job, and dozens of players are joining the battle, rallying during Monday’s Piedmont School Board meeting.

News 9 had a chance to talk with Coach Rick Scott who has been the softball coach in Piedmont for nearly two decades. He's overwhelmed by the amount of support he's getting from across town, and despite all the accusations, he says all he wants to do is coach. 

“I'm not mad at anybody, I just want to coach softball,” Scott said.  

For 15 years, Scott has lead Piedmont's High School softball team, becoming one of the most successful coaches in the state. 

“These kids are my passion, and I love these kids and that's what I got into education for, that's what I got into coaching for,” Scott said.  

Monday night, he was under fire by the districts school board over alleged misuse of the teams money. 

“I couldn't do anything with the money. It was all handled through our LLC or handled through the school. The money never came directly to me,” Scott said.  

But Scott said that's not what this is about. 

The back fourth between him and district leaders, and the effort to remove him as the schools softball coach is about one thing. 

“Play time, and that's what it boils down to all over the state, not just Rick Scott, and Piedmont,” Scott said. “Somebody thinks their daughter or son should play more than somebody else.” 

News 9 was told the conflict began after a turbulent game in the middle of the season in El Reno. It resulted in a suspension for Scott after he defended his players from other parents. 

That incident has somehow blossomed into this. Scott essentially forced to resign, but he quickly rescinded that resignation. 

Now, the fight is on to keep his job. 

“He changed my life, he invested in me, he took the time when other teachers wouldn't,” said former softball player Kassady Mellendorf.  

It's former players like Mellendorf and her sister, now a freshman, protesting that Scott remain at Piedmont High School as a coach. 

“I cannot even imagine me playing high school ball without him. He has the biggest heart out of any of the teachers or coaches I've ever, ever seen,” Foister said.

“It is so humbling to me that people would come out and support me like this. They're my heroes, they have stepped up when they didn't have to and I just want to coach softball,” Scott said.  

The Piedmont School Board said in statement it takes activity funds very seriously and after reviewing documents from the softball fund, the board wants further investigation.

The board also said Scott's resignation as softball coach stands and there will be no further action.

He still teaches history at Piedmont High School.