Oklahomans Organizing To Pay Tribute To WWII Veterans

Wednesday, November 11th 2015, 6:26 pm
By: News 9

Each veteran has their own story about their service to our country, but there is one group that hopes to bring them to life. They are inviting others to join along as they showcase Oklahomans’ travels during World War II.

There are not many World War II veterans with us today, but their service and dedication are being appreciated in a way not many people get to experience.

Just like old photos, first hand stories of World War II are fading with each passing year. For example, tales of years past and battles hard fought.

"It’s been 70 years since the end of World War II, and fewer and fewer of these World War II veterans are with us, and their stories are starting to go away,” Keith Varner of the Oklahoma National Guard said.

But in an effort to keep those stories alive and to preserve history, a group of Oklahomans is planning a trip back in time with an overseas tour to tell the story of the Thunderbirds and the 45th Infantry Division.

"What  better way to pay tribute to the service that they gave to our great country and the actions that they did then to go and see where those things happened,” Varner said.

The 12-day trip is planned for next summer and is open to anyone.

"The first place we're going is Anzio which was one of the most controversial battles of World War II, operation shingle. After that we'll go through Rome, and then we're going to visit Nuremberg which was the psychological heart of Nazism,” Varner said. "And then to Munich.”

Those who go on the trip will get to walk the ground of the battles veterans fought.

"The other thing that we'll see which is critical to the history of the 45th division is the Dachau concentration camp,” Varner said.

Cost will be just under $4,000 per person and includes airfare. The trip has been well planned from start to finish.

"We're very honored to a be a part of acknowledging the military and their families and their sacrifice and it really being brought back to light this generation and generations to come,” Matthew Crow of Prime Time Travel said.

For more information about the trip call Prime Time Travel of Edmond at 405-340-1120 or visit primetimetrvl.com.