More Than 100 Women Say Birth Control Mix-Up Led To Unplanned Pregnancies

Thursday, November 12th 2015, 12:33 pm
By: News 9

More than 100 women are suing a drug company for a birth control packaging error they say resulted in unplanned pregnancies; three of whom are from Oklahoma.

The women filed a class action lawsuit in a Pennsylvania State Court last week. They claim that Qualitest Pharmaceuticals - a subsidiary of Endo Pharmaceuticals - and its manufacturers distributed defective birth control pills back in 2011, causing 113 accidental pregnancies across 26 states.

The company recalled eight different kinds of oral contraceptives after it was discovered that the rows of pills inside the box were placed upside down. This caused women to take placebo pills during the week they should have been taking hormone pills, leaving them at risk for conception.

The case seeks millions of dollars in damages - in some cases the costs of raising adulthood children born from allegedly unplanned pregnancies.

CBS News reached out to representatives for Endo Pharmaceuticals and Patheon Inc., the company that packaged the products. Both declined to comment on the ongoing litigation, but emphasized that "patient safety" and "product quality" is their top priority.

Endo Pharmaceuticals said they have only been able to confirm one defective pack ever sold to a patient.

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