Doctors Warn Parents Of Risks Of Co-Sleeping

Friday, November 13th 2015, 9:32 am
By: News 9

A baby's death in the United Kingdom has prompted doctors to remind parents the risks of co-sleeping.

For years doctors have warned parents not to sleep with babies, especially when other factors are involved. Not long ago a study published in Pediatrics links co-sleeping to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But there are factors that make the risk of a child suffocating even greater.

Dr. Rachel Franklin from OU Physicians Family Medicine said those at a higher risk include mothers who smoke during pregnancy and/or moms and dads who smoke in the house. Babies who are used to smoke aren't able to protect their airways as well as others. 

Also, parents who use any substance before going to bed. That includes alcohol and medication, even Benadryl.

Dr. Franklin said the use of either makes you more drowsy and less likely to respond to the baby.

"We're still recommending if you would like the baby sleep with you, that you have a separate mattress off to the side or in a bassinet off to the side next to the bed, so you can still be in the same room as them," Dr. Franklin said.

While co-sleeping is still not recommended, doctors do hope to eventually tailor recommendations for parents at high and low risk.