Selfie Picture Leads To Man's Arrest

Wednesday, November 18th 2015, 6:41 pm
By: News 9

A man's selfie leads to his arrest. The story takes a lot of twists and turns, but it eventually led to a hotel where the suspect in a carjacking used a stolen cell phone to take selfies of himself.

Those selfies ended up on the owner's iCloud account, and police were quickly able to track him down.

"And he went like this ... 'Gimme watcha got,'" John Kelly said.

That was the first carjacking of the night.

Kelly spoke with News 9 the day after he was held at gunpoint. His car ended up abandoned miles away with a blown-out tire.

That was a few weeks ago, but police now know a lot more, and that is where the story picks back up again.

After leaving Kelly's house, the suspects stopped at a house down the road and shot a man in the leg, but police didn't know at the time that shooting and the carjacking were related.

"At the time, we were suspicious that they could be related, but couldn't tie them together," El Reno Police Lt. Van Gillock said.

They ended up tying a lot together and figured out the flat tire forced the suspects on foot.

"They apparently walked to an apartment complex and stole another car at gunpoint along with a cell phone of the victim there," Gillock said.

They ended up at an Oklahoma City hotel and then began doing something police say made their job a lot easier. They not only used the stolen phone to make phone calls, but they started taking pictures of themselves.

"The suspects used the phone to take some selfies in the hotel room, and when the victim obtained a new phone, these had been saved onto her cloud, and they loaded automatically into her cell phone which gave us pictures of the suspect in the hotel room," Gillock said.

That suspect was Cruzitio Fuentez. He was arrested and several others are now facing charges, as well, all thanks to a selfie.

"There was even one with him holding the gun that we believe might have been the gun used in the shooting," Gillock said.

So far, Fuentez is the only one taken into custody.