Metro Residents Concerned About Neighborhood Coyote Sightings

Thursday, November 19th 2015, 6:01 pm
By: News 9

The folks living near 178th and May said they see a coyote at least three times a week. And at least one resident has lost a pet because of it.

Hearing the cries of coyotes has become an every-night occurrence for some metro residents.

“It’s just like a howling fest,” said Jason Fenstermaker.

In a field, coyotes are yipping and barking right behind their homes.

“Mildly disturbing,” said Philip Childers about the howling.

They're coming up to cars after dusk and then walking through housing additions during the day.

“There’s a freaking coyote, just hanging out across the street,” said one Edmond resident in a video he took of a coyote.

Oklahoma game wardens said with winter weather approaching, their food source is getting scarce. So they become more desperate for food and also desensitized. “It’s actually pretty scary,” said Fenstermaker. “They don’t seem to be scared of people and that’s something that’s kind of concerning for us.”

Neighbors snapped photos and warned each other about the sightings. Some were less concerned than others.

“At the end of the day, with them eating the reptiles and the rodents, it’s kind of a nice population control,” said resident Mark Wilkinson.

Edmond animal officials said they haven't gotten a report about a coyote sighting in two weeks. But they said they're actively trying to trap it. The one they are searching for is not injured, but has mange. If they trap it, they said it will be relocated.

“No reason to panic. There’s not a lot of reason for that. We just encourage people to be safe and aware and if they do see something to report it,” said Casey Moore with the City of Edmond.

You can also contact your county game warden to report the animals in your neighborhood (

But most importantly you should keep your distance, and keep trash, food and pets secured.