Traffic Stop Leads To Assault On Chickasha Police Officer

Thursday, November 19th 2015, 6:07 pm
By: News 9

A Chickasha police officer was assaulted after a foot chase.

It all started with a traffic stop when two men were pulled over, because the officer could not see their license plate.

"I heard several different stories," Harry Foster said.

And so did News 9. Foster is the father of one of the suspects.

"I didn't see the altercation, but I was told that he got tased in the face by a friend who stays down there," Roxie said.

That friend wasn't home, and neither was either of the guys in the car police pulled stopped, Jeremy Madison and Jonathan Bridges.

Police say when they approached them, Madison wouldn't make eye contact and was "extremely fidgety and nervous giving a blank stare out the window" and was "fiddling with his front pockets and groin area."

The officer then asked him "what was in his pants," and he said "just a little weed."

The affidavit states he then "elbowed the officer in the chest" and tried to punch him and "was taken into custody after a short foot chase."

"Something ain't adding up," Foster said.

Foster admits his son has had an encounter or two with police, but he's not so sure what happened in this one.

"The cop cars were right there," Roxie said. "They were parked on that side of the road. There were two of them."

There were also two bags of marijuana, according to police.

Both Bridges and Madison were taken to jail where another bag was found inside Bridges' shoe. Police say it was meth. Both men are facing several charges.

The altercation is under investigation.