MWC Police On The Hunt For Suspects Accused Of Cloning Credit Cards

Thursday, November 19th 2015, 10:55 pm
By: News 9

Cloned credit cards are keeping crooks busy across the state. Now, Midwest City Police are on the case. And some of the suspects were caught on camera.

Investigators are seeing more and more people falling victim to credit card cloning or skimming. It’s a crime where pickpockets swipe your credit card information without the card ever leaving your wallet.

Alleged credit card cloning thieves continue to try their luck shopping in Midwest City with your money.

On August 13, suspects were seen shopping at Wal-Mart, and six days later a guy was caught on camera at a Best Buy. In September, another suspect was spotted at a Walgreens.

The latest was Sunday, November 15, when a duo's shopping spree was caught on camera at the Office Depot off Southeast 29th. A detective believes only two of the three men who walked into the store were involved.

This week, Midwest City Police received two reports from metro victims that someone was spending their money, yet they still had their cards.

“It's becoming more popular. More and more we are getting more reports of that,” said Captain Greg Wipfli, Midwest City Police Department.

A quick search through the victims unauthorized transactions led police to the Office Depot where the duo racked up several hundred dollars in charges on two different victims' cards.

Midwest City Police are now working with the Secret Service to see if the duo is linked to other crimes around the country.

“A lot of times we see rings that travel around the country and do things like this so they kind of have that information so we always check with them to see if it's something they're working,” said Captain Wipfli.

This holiday season, police warn us to keep a close eye on bank statements and be mindful of where we swipe our cards to avoid becoming the next victim.

If you recognize the suspects, call Midwest City Police. They believe there are more victims out there.