New Emphasis Being Made On Seatbelt Use For Back Seat Passengers

Tuesday, November 24th 2015, 9:39 am
By: News 9

New dash cam video shows you why if you're sitting in the back seat you should put on your seatbelt. The video shows a man and a young child fly through the car during a crash.

The Governors Highway Safety Association finds almost 99 rear seat passengers who weren't wearing a seatbelt died in crashes in 2013. About half would have likely survived if they would have only buckled up.

One of the biggest concerns are passengers in cabs and ride sharing services like Uber. A 2014 NYC Taxi Commission survey found 62% of riders did not wear their seatbelt.

So what is it about the back seat that makes people think they don't have to buckle up? Dr. Jim Hedlund wrote the report.

“First you have heard for years you are safer in the back seat. Second, you don't think about it as much when you get into the back seat, especially something like a taxi. And third, half the states don't have laws requiring belt use in the back seat,” said Hedlund

News 9 checked, and Oklahoma state law only addresses front seat passengers. But a law firm reports rear passengers are required to wear seat belts if they are under the age of 13.