Should We Fear The 'Kissing Bug?'

Monday, November 30th 2015, 9:37 am
By: News 9

A new warning is making the rounds on social media about the potential dangers of being bitten by the so-called "kissing bug."

The posts are claiming the bug's bite can be deadly. Should we fear the Kissing Bug?

Despite its name, the kissing bug is not as sweet as it might sound. The bug, which has been spotted in Oklahoma, got its nickname because it typically likes to bite people around the lips or face while they're sleeping.

We're told those bites can turn deadly if the bug is infected with a certain parasite.

But should you actually fear them? Experts say no.

In fact, studies have shown there is only about one case of the disease for every 900 to 4,000 contacts with infected kissing bugs.

As for keeping them out of your home, seal cracks around doors and windows. Also, remove any wood or brush against your home.

If you see one, the CDC says don't kill it. Instead, place it in a container filled with rubbing alcohol or freeze it in water and take it to your local health department.