Gross Things Could Be Lurking In Your Food

Tuesday, December 1st 2015, 12:26 pm
By: News 9

If you're getting ready to sit down to eat, you might not want to hear this. A new report says there could be gross things in our food. read through documents the FDA call "The Defect Levels Handbook." Basically it outlines how many contaminants are allowed before they are harmful.

Frozen Broccoli is allowed to have 59 aphids, otherwise known as plant lice in it, 60 is the limit here. Same thing goes for Brussels sprouts but the threshold is 30.

When it comes to mushrooms canned and dried mushrooms are considered OK if they have up to 20 maggots in them.

If you're a fan of pineapple, the FDA says an average mold count of 20% or more is considered unsafe if it's canned.

Potato Chips are likely in your pantry the report says an average of 5% of chips are allowed to contain rot.

Lastly, Apple Butter. The handbook reportedly says an average of five or more whole insects are allowed per 100 grams of apple butter.

We should note here most of us know it's impossible to wash or remove all contaminants from the food we harvest.