Metro Mom Says Daycare's Mistake Caused Child's Allergic Reaction

Wednesday, December 2nd 2015, 5:45 pm
By: Karl Torp

A metro mother anxiously waits for her young daughter to show improvement at the hospital after a food allergy reaction.

She claims it was a mistake made at daycare that sent her daughter to the ER.

For two years, 5-year-old Kaylen Aylor has attended daycare at Trina's Learning Center in the 200 block of SW 89th Street.

Her mother said workers know all about her 11 food allergies.

But on Monday, Mali Aylor said she knew something was wrong right away when she picked up Kaylen from daycare.

“Her face was swollen and it was red. She has blisters under her tongue,” said Mali Aylor.

Kaylen’s mother thinks her daycare teacher did not change gloves to feed Kaylen after feeding the other students peanut butter crackers.

Kaylen is allergic to peanut butter, and just coming into contact with peanut butter oil can send her to the ER with a terrible reaction.

“It’s very terrifying,” added Mali about seeing her daughter have a hard time breathing.

Tuesday night will be Kaylen’s second night at OU Children’s hospital. Doctors are still treating the 5-year-old and haven’t told her family when she’ll be released.

Meanwhile, Mali is particularly upset with Trina Learning Center.

When she told the daycare what happened, she was told Kaylen and her older sister would not be able to attend daycare there anymore.

“I’m shocked with how rude she was,” said Mali about the owner of the facility.

Trina’s Learning Center didn’t have much to tell News 9 when contacted for more information.

“No incident has happened when the child was in our care,” the owner of Trina’s Learning Center told News 9 through the facility’s intercom.

“I have to make sure that my daughter is safe,” added Mali Aylor, who will have to find another daycare for her daughter once she’s released from the hospital.