Holtzclaw's Victims Press For Civil Justice, Investigation

Friday, December 11th 2015, 5:23 pm
By: News 9

The verdict has been handed down for former Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw and Friday some of the victims had their chance to speak out.

While advocates and attorneys said they were pleased with the guilty verdicts, they said full justice had not been achieved.

They have many questions for Holtzclaw's former superiors.

And to help get answers, they've recruited an attorney with national notoriety. The lawyer now going to bat for five of Holtzclaw's accusers in new lawsuits is Benjamin Crump. Crump was associated with the Trayvon Martin case and represents the family of Michael Brown in a wrongful death suit in Ferguson Missouri.

“This is the face of courage when people dare to stand up!” Crump shouted as he held the hands up of two of Holtzclaw’s accusers Friday.

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He called them heroes at a press conference just hours after Holtzclaw was found guilty on 18 counts of sex crimes.

Crump said the outcome was justice only on the criminal side of the case. Now he'll be working with other lawyers to represent five of the alleged victims in civil suits.

“It’s mind-boggling how nobody would catch this,” he said.

“You were wrong. You know you were wrong,” said one of Holtzclaw’s accusers, Shardayreon Hill.

Hill’s parents said they want more black officers patrolling the Northeast side - one of the many things they said could've been done to expose Holtzclaw's actions much sooner.

“How was he able to turn his GPS system off so many times and it not come across somebody’s desk that’s over him? How was he able to run people’s names for warrants, finding out if they warrants, but never show up at the police station with them?” Hill’s father asked.

“I feel like he shouldn’t be the only one accounted for what he’d done [sic]. The chief of police, the governor of Oklahoma, everyone needs to be investigated,” said Hill’s mother, Latonya Mohammed.

Holtzclaw was found not guilty on the charges involving Shardayreon Hill.

His sentencing is set for January 21.