Your 2 Cents: US Strategy Against Terrorism Attacks

Monday, December 14th 2015, 10:12 pm
By: News 9

Mixed signals coming out of Washington don't exactly reassure the American public about our plan to defeat ISIS. We're told if we see something, say something, then not to turn on each other. We know not to turn on each other for crying out loud, Americans are better than that.

Here's what you had to say about it:

Cara first, "Nailed it, Kelly. I want strong leadership with a plan in place so I can feel secure in my home, out running errands, or attending a Christmas program. I want to be able to report suspicious behavior without fear of repercussions."

Larry says, "You have a president that believes in negotiations and that has definitely failed. Give the military support and get out of their way."

But Fatima disagrees, "War is greedy old men sending the young naive to kill innocent children. ISIS is winning with all the racism and hate being spread around."

From Steven, "The 'See something, say something' needs to be applied to everyday life. To many terrible crimes that could be solved if folks would just speak up."

Ron writes, "Yep, you got this one right! It's so bad my elderly parents are applying for their CCW." 

Finally from Patrick, "Your 1 Phrase, 'We Don't Have Time For This' sums it up perfectly. This IS a World War, & our government has blinders on." 

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.