Bethany Couple Delivers Baby In Car In Dorm Parking Lot

Tuesday, December 15th 2015, 6:34 pm
By: News 9

A Christmas delivery came earlier than expected for a Bethany couple.

Davis and Stephanie Hodam’s fourth child was due next week, but she made an early appearance this week in the car.

Davis Hodam is one of the football coaches at Southern Nazarene University and he lives in one of the dorms on campus with his family and children.

The Hodams thought they had plenty of time to get to the hospital on Monday morning, but baby Jubilee punched the gas on her birth and left her parents stuck in the car in the dorm parking lot.

“The baby is coming right now and I just remember I said something like, ‘No, don't push, don't push,’ like she could actually control the fact that it's coming out,” Davis joked.

Stephanie was 39 weeks pregnant when her water broke.

Davis grabbed one more blanket and when he got back to the car, it was go time.

“I look down and Jubilee's head is right there and I think that was the craziest moment,” he remembered.

Stephanie stayed calm and pulled Jubilee out the rest of the way.

Davis, who is the safety and special teams coach at SNU, took a knee on the pavement.

“Concrete and baby, this is not good, so I wanted to catch her,” Davis recalled thinking.

“Afterwards, I remember looking up at him and saying, ‘Baby we did it, we really did it,’” Stephanie told News 9.

The baby was healthy and crying by the time EMSA arrived.

“They were both really in shock, I guess not believing what really had just happened,” said Jeff Boehler, an EMSA paramedic.

The Hodams never found out their babies' genders until birth.

They had picked out Jubilee if this one was a girl.

“It was just really fitting, like this joyous moment that just comes bursting forth into your life,” Davis said.

Bethany firefighters actually cleaned up the inside of the Hodams' vehicle for them for free after the delivery.