Family, Friends Remember Man Killed In Wrong-Way Crash

Tuesday, December 15th 2015, 7:29 pm
By: News 9

As the family of the man killed over the weekend by a wrong-way driver prepares to bury him and they opened up about his life. 

Raymond Dansby was killed when a driver hit him head-on Sunday morning as he was headed home.

Dansby's death is now an eye-opening wake-up call to his family about dangers on the road.

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“His music and his family. Them is the two most important things,” said Reggie Lee, Dansby’s friend.

The crash killed the father of two young boys.

Oklahoma City police said 25-year-old Drea Boardingham drove head-on into Dansby's white pickup, killing him on impact.

Boardingham is suspected of being high on keyboard cleaner during the time of the accident..

“I'm an easy person. I forgive people easily and part of that is because I’ve drank and drive, whatever the case may be, so it was an eye-opener for me,” Lee said.

Lee was best friends with Dansby, known to him as Cutta Maywether, since 11th grade.

“Peanut butter and jelly. You had one, you had the other,” he said.

For the past several years, they'd worked to break in to the music business.

Lee spent the last week of his best friend's life together in the studio.

While Lee was quick to find forgiveness for the driver, for Dansby's sister it's still something she's working on.

“I'm not like Reggie. I don't forgive easy. Right now, I do have a lot of anger towards this driver,” said Dansby’s sister, Meme Corbin.

Dansby was one of six siblings and a twin.

Photo albums of pictures freeze moments Corbin and her siblings will now cherish.

Corbin will remember her brother as the goofy one and plans keep that spirit alive.

“Keep being the laughter in my family, because we don't want to take our laughter away because somebody else did,” she said.

Several fundraisers are being held to offset some of the funeral costs.

Dansby will be laid to rest on Saturday.