Edmond Woman Speaks Out After Carjacking

Tuesday, December 15th 2015, 10:10 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond woman is breathing a sigh of relief after a carjacking suspect who threatened her with a knife was arrested.

It happened near 2nd and Santa Fe on Sunday morning.

Imagine sitting in your car gathering some change for the car wash and suddenly a man with a knife jumps in your back seat and forces you out of the car

That's what happened to Arlene Stidham.

Now, Stidham can talk calmly about what happened, but she was understandably shaken during her call to 911. 

Stidham stayed at the Edmond Car Wash until investigators arrived.

Edmond police spotted the stolen car a couple miles away in a church parking lot.

They said Ronald Mundell ditched the car, and took off running. 

 Stidham said she helped police identify Mundell as the suspect, and even had the chance to tell him a thing or two.

To make matters worse, she said, Mundell lost her keys and other items when he ran from police.

 He also managed to steal hundreds of dollars from her wallet, money she said she would've given him if only he handled things differently.