OKC Police Search For Home Invasion Suspects, Victim Speaks Out

Wednesday, December 16th 2015, 5:20 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police are looking for two men who busted into a family’s home while they were sleeping, pointed a gun at them, and then demanded money.

It happened December 8, in the 2500 block of NW 38th Street. The victims were a single mother and her two children.

Angel Ballamy said she just moved into the neighborhood 10 months ago. She said she has never had someone break into her home before, and is just thankful her neighbors had security cameras that caught the culprits on tape.

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The surveillance video captured the suspects’ vehicle pull into the family's driveway off NW 38th Street just before 3:30 last Tuesday morning. Then, two men approached the house while the driver of the getaway car started to back out.

Ballamy was asleep in the front bedroom with her 4-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son when the two men broke in, even though she had the door locked up tight.

“I told them to get out of my house,” said Ballamy. “They pointed a gun at me said give me all your money.”

Ballamy showed News 9 the damage the men did to the front door. She also said, the men not only pointed the gun at her, but her young son too. She said they threatened to shoot her if she did not hand over her purse.

“I said well shoot me then because you're not going to get my whole purse,” said Ballamy. “You are not taking everything from me.”

Ballamy said they left her purse, but took her wallet and then took off.

A neighbor's surveillance camera caught the suspects as they jumped into their getaway car.

But they left empty handed. Ballamy's son found her wallet near the front door.

“I guess it fell out of their pocket,” said Ballamy.

She and her children have moved out because they now fear for their safety, especially her son.

“This has been horrifying for him,” said Ballamy. “It’s hard for him to sleep. I can't bring my kids back here. They are already traumatized.”

She just hopes the surveillance video helps Oklahoma City police put the people responsible in jail.

If you know who these people are, call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.