Canadian Bull Rider Injured In Hit-And-Run In OKC

Wednesday, December 16th 2015, 6:39 pm
By: News 9

A driver fled after running over a professional bull rider visiting from Canada over the weekend.

Dusty McMullen is now hospitalized at OU Medical Center recovering while police search for the driver.

Unfortunately, the bull rider is the only known witness to the accident that happened Sunday morning outside Cowboy's OKC. Police are left with only a few clues to find the driver who nearly killed him.

“Every time I nod my head on a bull I know it's life or death, but not walking across a little laneway,” said Dusty McMullen.

On Saturday night, Dusty McMullen spent the evening at Cowboy's OKC celebrating a friend's win. Just before closing, McMullen left to check on his dog locked inside his car, then returned to the bar.

“I look to my left and I could see that the vehicle was coming, but it was over a hundred yards away,” said McMullen.

McMullen saw he had plenty of time to cross the road. But five steps into crossing SW 23rd, a truck struck him. 

“After they hit me and I am lying on the ground they just took off. Didn't even try to break, no sign of breaking nothing just sped off,” he said.

McMullen didn't catch the driver's license plate but remembers that the truck was a black Chevy or GMC with a possible extended cab or 4-door.

The Canadian bull rider is in the hospital recovering from a broken leg and ankle. These injuries coming not from a bull, but a driver. And happening in a year he considerers the best of his career, ranked third in the International Professional Rodeo Association.

“It's just unfathomable in my head of how someone just drove away,” said McMullen.

Doctors expect McMullen to make a full recovery by the spring. And there is no doubt he'll be returning to the rodeo circuit.