Ted Cruz Makes Last Campaign Stop At OCCC

Wednesday, December 23rd 2015, 7:58 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Despite the fact his visit to Oklahoma City Community College was the last stop on a Bible Belt tour, Senator and Presidential Ted Cruz (R-TX) brought energy to a rally on Wednesday where he criticized the GOP establishment, President Obama and the federal government.  

Speaking in no-uncertain terms, Cruz outlined his plans if elected president at the 12th and final stop of his seven day tour. Cruz, running on a an anti-Washington platform, said he would repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, end Common Core and “put locks on the doors” of the IRS. He even reprised an often used joke about sending current IRS employees to the U.S.-Mexico border to scare away immigrants.

Cruz received ovation after standing ovation for numerous talking points. One of the largest was after Cruz said he supported the oil and gas industry for creating jobs in the U.S. and that as president he wouldn’t care if he angered Middle East Partners.

The Senator also drew large applause for his most often hit opponents; Washington D.C. politicians. After being elected and sent to D.C. in 2013, the freshman senator has made a name fighting the GOP establishment and his fellow senators.

“We need to take power out of Washington and put it back into the hands of we the people,” Cruz said. “That is what this campaign is all about!”

But for all the vigor of the rally, Cruz only answered a few questions from the press. He dodged questions about Obamacare and his decision not to vote on the newly signed budget that has nearly $700 million in unpaid and un-offset spending. Instead he criticized fellow republicans for not upholding their end of the bargain. 

“The republican leadership decided to do was whip votes for chuck schemer, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi,” Cruz said. 

Cruz brought an energy that at times felt more like an evangelical church service than a political rally. But that energy isn’t being reflected in the latest poll According to CNN, Cruz is 21 points behind front runner Donald trump.

However, Cruz said he agrees with Trump on one of the real estate mogul’s recent statements that the race would come down to the two. Cruz told the press he thinks that will happen as primary season closes in.

His supporters said they know Cruz has what it takes to win the nomination and the White House.

“You look at him. You listen to him and you listen to people talk about him. It's about his character,” One supporter who only went by the name Joel said.

“He stands up to Washington he exposes their corruption and I donate every time he does,” another said.

She wasn’t alone either. Cruz’s campaign was short on money before the week-long tour. But within 24 hours Cruz was able to raise nearly $1 million with likely more on its way.

The GOP hopeful briefly touched on a new Washington Post editorial cartoon that depicted his two daughters, ages five and seven, as monkeys. The cartoon referred to a campaign ad in which Cruz and his daughters appeared.

Cruz criticized the paper and the media in general when asked whether it was hypocritical to condemn the cartoon but not his own ad.

“Leave the kids alone. Leave my kids alone; leave Marco [Rubio’s] kids alone, leave Hillary [Clinton’s] kids and grandkids alone. Kids should be off limits,” he said.