Second Major Winter Storm Leaves El Reno Residents With More To Clean Up

Monday, December 28th 2015, 4:29 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Folks in El Reno can’t seem to catch a break. They were still cleaning up from the Thanksgiving ice storm when they were hit with another storm over the weekend.

Like so many residents in El Reno, Mark Stallings is kind of frustrated. 

Remnants of the Thanksgiving storm are everywhere, and now the broken branches that have been sitting curbside for weeks are also covered in a thick glaze of ice. 

Add to that, some new damage to trees from this weekend's storm. 

“Well, there’s not a lot of trees left,” Stallings joked. "You know we just got it cleared last time.”

Residents are slowly taking the debris to a huge heap of branches the city not so affectionately calls "The Mountain."  

The city still doesn't know if FEMA will help with clean-up costs, and the city just doesn’t have the resources to clean up this mess itself. 

“The solution is just be patient,” Mayor Matt White said. “We had the same amount of people trying to work as hard as they are.  We can’t take them off their regular duties as much.”

So, with this new layer of ice, residents can expect it to take a few more weeks to get this mess cleaned up and get back to normal. 

“You know, it’s not fun but it’s mother nature and it’s Oklahoma,” Stallings said. “We had tornadoes yesterday. We had earthquakes. So you know you just get used to it and do what you can.”