McClain Co. Family Speak Out After Violent Home Invasion

Wednesday, December 30th 2015, 7:06 pm
By: News 9

There were tense moments for a McClain County family after a father lunged at a home intruder to keep him from shooting his wife and daughter.

The home invasion took place in Wayne, Oklahoma. However, it wasn't the first home this intruder visited.

He was staying with friends just a few houses away, became violent and assaulted a boy living in the home.

He then went to another nearby house and assaulted another boy who answered the door, but when this man made his way to the third house, things took a different turn.

The family agreed to share their story with us but didn't want to show their faces.

"I either let this guy kill us all, or I'm going to die trying,” Lee Wilson said.

It was about 10:30 p.m. Monday. Lee and Kristen Wilson were already dealing with a lot. Their nephew just passed away, and when someone knocked on their door, they assumed it was another person paying their respects.

It wasn’t a well-wisher, at all. It was Jesse Pratt.

"I noticed he was really fidgety and dirty,” Kristen Wilson said.

Kristen Wilson went to get her husband, and that's when Pratt pushed his way inside and held the couple and their 16-year-old daughter at gunpoint.

"He would point the gun at us and he would point it at his head,” Kristen Wilson said. "He said, 'you have until the count of three and I'm going to shoot everybody,' and he started counting down one, two, and then he closed his eyes and pointed the gun and that's when my husband lunged at him."

"He was like ‘One, two,’ and then he closed his eye like he was looking down a scope, and before he got to three I just hit the gun up, and I spun him around and put him in a choke hold,” Lee Wilson said.

But Pratt managed to keep a stronghold on the gun.

"He brought the gun up like this, and I grabbed it, released the clip, and then I bent his hand back. He released the gun, I threw it over and I just started pounding on him,” Lee Wilson said.

Meanwhile, Kristen Wilson and her daughter escaped out the back door.

"That's when I opened the garage door, my daughter hit the garage door opener, and we ran for help,” Kristen Wilson said.

As Lee Wilson pinned down Pratt and waited for deputies to arrive, Pratt begged Lee to shoot him.

"The guy was just basically like I'm facing 25 years just end it right now. Kill me,” Lee Wilson said. "I didn't want to shoot him. My nephew just passed."

Within minutes Pratt was taken into custody, and Lee Wilson was reunited with his family.

"It was like this cannot be real. This is not real. This. is. not. Real,” he said.

Authorities believe Pratt was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He's facing several including child abuse, three complaints of kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon.