Mother Seeks To Press Charges For Alleged Caretaker Abuse At Stillwater Facility

Thursday, December 31st 2015, 3:54 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A young man with Autism was taken to the hospital Thursday, after his mother says he was brutally beaten by his caretaker.

Christopher Leverett, 26, was all smiles as he left the hospital after hours of tests. That's just his nature. But you could see the worry on his mother's face. She said Christopher was attacked by a caretaker in the Stillwater group home where he lived. 

“Now he flinches if I just raise my finger up just one time” Robin Drinnon said of her son, “And Lord knows what it’s done to him inside and he can’t tell me.”

The group home manager noticed the bruising Wednesday and, according to Drinnon, asked the staff “What happened to Christopher?  And at that point Nick Butler said to her, I need to speak to you in the other room.”

According to Human Services documents, the caretaker, Nick Butler said Christopher "Hit me four or five times in the face, and I hit him back. I didn't mean to, and I didn't want to, it was just an instant reflex".

There are bruises on both sides of Christopher's face though. Christopher doesn't like to talk about what happened. He just said he’s sorry.

But Christopher's mother said the guy who hit him is going to be sorry. She has called police and they are investigating. 

She also said the company that runs the group home also apologized, but, “I’m sorry doesn’t fix it. It don’t change the fact that someone hurt him. Chris can’t take care of himself,” said Drinnon. “I mean Chris trusted me to put him somewhere safe. And I honestly thought I had.”

Ron Hammock with Supported Community Lifestyles, the company that runs the group home, said Christopher has a long history of assaulting staff members, and that his caretaker simply snapped. Hammock said while he empathizes with the caretaker, the caretaker has been fired.

Drinnon has taken Christopher to live with her. She wants to hire a lawyer but says she can’t afford one now.  A GoFundMe account has been set up to help her with legal costs. 

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