Metro Mail Carrier, Local Business Help Elderly Couple After Winter Storm

Thursday, December 31st 2015, 5:49 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City mail carrier wanted to share the good news about an act of kindness by a local business. An elderly couple on her mail route lost power and they were struggling with the cold. She made a simple phone call to a stranger and it saved the day.

“It was miserable, my feet were miserable,” Geanne Wyatt said.

The power went out at the Wyatt's house around two o'clock Sunday morning.

“My whole body was just cold all the way through,” Geanne said.

Geanne is 92 years old and recovering from surgery. The temperature inside the home dropped to the forties.

“I was shivering all over and I had my pajamas and a sweat suit and this blanket wrapped around me,” Geanne recalled.

She and Bob were trying to ride things out, but the cold was winning.

Their long-time mail carrier would soon be a different kind of messenger. Shelley Ruble walked into the Wyatt's home on Wednesday to check on them and could not believe how cold it was.

“Something has to be done and so Chappell Supply, that name just popped into my head, I don't know why, it was a God thing,” said Ruble.

Chase Chappell answered the call and within 45 minutes, he and a coworker arrived with a generator.

“The way they just showed up at Shelley's phone call was wonderful,” Bob Wyatt said.

They hooked it up for the Wyatt's, loaning it to them for free.

“It was just like God sent them himself,” Geanne told News 9.

They even went back to the home later to make sure everything was alright.

“I'm glad that we were able to help and it really touched me and Drew's heart to go out there and help somebody,” said Chase Chappell with Chappell Supply.

“I was just blown away that he just went above and beyond,” Ruble said. “There's angels among us and there is still good in the world,” she added.

The Wyatt’s said it warmed their hearts in more than one way.

“They'll probably get a pan of fudge or some chocolate cake or something taken out to them because they have been so wonderful,” Geanne explained.

Once the Wyatt’s get their power back, Chappell said they would go back out to the home and pick up the generator so the couple does not have to worry about lifting it.