Dead Horse Illegally Dumped Near NE OKC Street

Monday, January 4th 2016, 6:36 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Animal Control officers responded to an intersection with a history of illegal animal dumping. This time, it was to remove the body of a horse.

The animal was reported Sunday afternoon, next to the street, just feet from a "No Dumping" sign near Wilshire and Douglas. There are multiple areas of city code that say dumping is against the law.

“Certainly leaving it on the side of the road for somebody else to deal with or stumble upon is not anything written in any code,” said Julie Bank with OKC Animal Welfare.

After receiving the report over the weekend, officers removed it and began their investigation.

It was about a year ago when animal control was called to pick up a dead animal off a man’s property. But that horse was still alive, covered in wounds from barbed wire fencing, and animal attacks.

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“He lasted two days in the cold and rain. He could’ve just given up and let the animals have him. But he fought through it,” said Shawn Cross with Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue, where the horse was taken.

And Cross and his wife Natalee said he kept fighting as they cared for him.

“He was bloodied. His face was wrapped every day,” he explained.

But now on the one-year anniversary of his rescue, he looks like a completely different horse. It was a miraculous ending to a horrific story.

“He’s just Rudy now. He’s just as crazy as ever,” Cross told News 9.

The rescue is dependent on donations and Rudy is just one of thousands they've been able to help.

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But for the horse left along the road, it was just too late. We may not ever know his story; just that whoever put him there had no regard for the end of a life or the law.

If you have information about the animal dumped near Wilshire and Douglas, call Animal Welfare at 297-3100.