Nearly 30 Earthquakes Rattle Northern Oklahoma In 24 Hours

Thursday, January 7th 2016, 11:13 pm
By: News 9

Thousands of people are on edge after more than 30 earthquakes rattled the state in just 24 hours. But those in northwest Oklahoma are feeling it the worst with 28 tremors since that 4.8 Wednesday night.

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"This one was like the freight train coming in. It just kind of rattled, rattled, rattled, and got stronger and got stronger, and then kind of subsided a bit and then continued,” Susie Kidd Martens said.

In Oklahoma, we usually hear people describing a tornado like that, but Susie's talking about an earthquake.

"Well, you know these earthquakes, we're kind of getting used to them,” Mervin Koehn said. "At 10:27 I looked at my time is when the first big one hit. I was sitting in my easy chair and my lamp shook, my house rattled."

But it didn't rattle Mervin. He slept through the rest of the quakes.

"It takes more than that to keep me up.”

Surveillance video from a convenience store in town showed the shaking, nothing fell off the shelves, but the next morning was a surprise for another business just down the road.

"I expected to come in with broken items on the floor,” Susie Kidd Martens said. “In the drug area we had a lot of items on the floor in there. All my paperwork in the office was on the floor, and I had a couple of things on the wall that came off."

Other than cracked tile and a few knick-knacks, there's been no major damage reported, but it's left a lot of the houses still creaking and settling after one wild night.