OKC Buyers, Sellers Concerns About New Gun Control Plan

Saturday, January 9th 2016, 2:00 pm
By: Grant Hermes

When President Obama announced new executive action on guns this week, gun owners across the state took note. Especially those heading to this weekend's Oklahoma City gun show.

The show is home to thousands of weapons and hundreds of guns on display and for sale. Operator Claude Hall said he’s been running the event for decades and has seen many new gun control measures come and go.

“If they started enforcing new regulations and stuff everybody complied,” he said. “When restrictions got tighter everyone complied. You know? Just tell us what to do and we'll do it.”

The President has yet to sign any official executive order or action about his proposals. Republicans in Congress have vowed to fight the measures, even going as far as threatening to defund the Department of Justice.

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Among other things, the President wants to add more FBI and ATF agents expand background checks and tighten restriction on who needs a license to sell closing the so-called “gun show loophole” which allows private buyers to avoid federal background checks. The measure has been supported by nearly 90 percent of Americans.

“That's all right I want to sell only to a legal person. When the FBI says 'that guy's legal here' so i think that's a good deal,” Hall said.

Hall said many dealers at his show are already licensed and require background checks. He added many licensed sellers agree with the expansion of checks and narrowing of unlicensed sellers. For those with a license it won't change day to day business, other than a spike in sales whenever the president moves to tighten restrictions.

“Because [Obama’s] on TV talking about guns,” Colt dealer Charles Cuzalini said. “People are afraid he's going to ban guns so they say ‘I need to go buy one.’”

But for small scale sellers and collectors the new restrictions may miss their mark. Many will have to apply for a federal license to sell and for those like Ron Brown it means the end of a lifelong hobby.

“The law is so unclear and with the executive actions they're putting out you really don't know; are ya [sic] or aren't ya [sic]? I don’t want to be considered a dealer, I'm not a dealer so I'm getting rid of my collection so I won't be a gun dealer or a collector!” Brown said.